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Navionics Android ((FULL)) Cracked

How to Get Navionics Marine Charts for Free on Android

Navionics is a popular app that provides detailed marine charts for boaters, anglers, and sailors. However, the app is not free and requires a subscription to access the maps. If you are looking for a way to get Navionics marine charts for free on your Android device, you might be tempted to try some of the methods that claim to crack the copy protection of the app. But are they safe and legal? Here are some things you should know before you attempt to crack Navionics on Android.

navionics android cracked

What is Navionics Copy Protection?

Navionics uses a sophisticated copy protection system that prevents users from copying or sharing the marine charts on other devices. The app requires a unique serial number that is linked to the SD card where the maps are stored. The serial number is encrypted and verified by the app every time it is launched. If the serial number does not match the SD card or the device, the app will not work.

How to Crack Navionics Copy Protection?

Some users have claimed to have successfully cracked the Navionics copy protection by using a Python script that modifies the serial number of the SD card and copies the maps to another SD card. The script requires an Android phone with an SD card reader, a computer with Python 3 installed, and an original Navionics SD card with the maps you want to duplicate. The script also claims to extend the expiry date of the subscription if needed.

The steps to crack Navionics copy protection using this script are as follows:

  • Get an empty micro SD card and put it in an Android phone with an SD card reader.

  • Figure out the CID of the SD card using one of the apps in the Android play store such as "Micro SD CID reader" (It's 32 hexadecimal characters 0-9, a-f) Write this down.

  • Download and install Python 3 to your computer from

  • Put this .py file on your desktop, name it

  • Open a Command Prompt (Start, Run and type "cmd") and write "cd Desktop"

  • Insert the original navionics card you want to duplicate in your computer, remember its drive letter such as E:

  • Ensure PyCrypto is installed type "pip install pycrypto"

  • Type python to start the script.

  • The script asks for the source directory, type E:\ and press enter

  • The scripts asks if you want to extend the expiry date of your lowrance subscription, press enter to skip.

  • Take out the original navionics SD card from the computer and insert the one from step 1) above.

  • The script asks about the SD card CID from Step 3). Enter this and press enter.

  • The script asks about the target directory on the new SD card. Type E:\ and enter.

  • Wait a little bit for it to copy, then all done

Is Cracking Navionics Legal and Safe?

The short answer is no. Cracking Navionics is illegal and unsafe for several reasons. First of all, cracking Navionics violates the terms of service of the app and infringes on the intellectual property rights of Navionics. You could face legal consequences if you are caught using or distributing cracked Navionics maps. Secondly, cracking Navionics could damage your device or your SD card. The script could contain malware or errors that could corrupt your data or compromise your security. Thirdly, cracking Navionics could result in inaccurate or outdated maps. The cracked maps might not be updated regularly or might not work properly with your device or your GPS. You could miss important information or navigation features that could affect your safety on water.

What are Some Alternatives to Cracking Navionics?

If you want to use Navionics marine charts for free on your Android device, there are some alternatives that are legal and safe. One option is c481cea774


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