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The Secrets Behind Derya Sonay Cesur An Exclusive Interview with the Cast and Crew

Derya Sonay Cesur A Comprehensive Guide to the Turkish Drama Series

If you are a fan of Turkish drama series, you might have heard of Derya Sonay Cesur, a file that contains episodes of a 1979 show called Tornavida. The show stars Cesur Barut, Funda Kurkan and Derya Sonay as the main characters, and it was directed and written by Savas Esici. The show is about the lives and struggles of three friends who work as mechanics in a garage. The file name Derya Sonay Cesur is derived from the names of the actors who played the roles of Derya, Sonay and Cesur.

derya sonay cesur

In this article, we will give you a comprehensive guide to the show, including its plot, cast, production and more. We will also tell you how to download and watch the show for free online. So, if you are curious about this rare and classic Turkish drama series, read on and find out more.

What is the plot of Tornavida?

Tornavida (which means screwdriver in Turkish) is a 45-minute drama series that aired in 1979 on Turkish television. The show follows the lives of three friends who work as mechanics in a garage: Derya (played by Derya Sonay), Sonay (played by Funda Kurkan) and Cesur (played by Cesur Barut). The three friends face various challenges and problems in their personal and professional lives, such as love, family, money, crime and more. The show depicts the social and economic realities of Turkey in the late 1970s, as well as the culture and values of the working class.

The show has a total of 12 episodes, each with a different title and storyline. Some of the titles are: "The Betrayal", "The Accident", "The Revenge", "The Wedding", "The Debt" and "The End". The show has a mix of drama, comedy, romance and action genres, and it is considered to be one of the first examples of realistic and modern Turkish television.

Who are the cast and crew of Tornavida?

The show was created by Savas Esici, who also wrote and directed all the episodes. Savas Esici was a prominent Turkish filmmaker who made several movies and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of his other works are: "The Boss", "The Killer", "The Lover" and "The Gangster". He was known for his realistic and gritty style of filmmaking, as well as his social commentary and criticism.

The show starred three young and talented actors who played the main roles of Derya, Sonay and Cesur. Derya Sonay was a beautiful and popular actress who appeared in many movies and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of her other works are: "The Bride", "The Widow", "The Sister" and "The Teacher". She was known for her versatile and expressive acting skills, as well as her charm and charisma.

Funda Kurkan was another famous actress who starred in many movies and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of her other works are: "The Daughter", "The Friend", "The Lover" and "The Wife". She was known for her elegant and sophisticated appearance, as well as her emotional and dramatic acting skills.

Cesur Barut was a handsome and charismatic actor who appeared in many movies and TV shows in the 1970s and 1980s. Some of his other works are: "The Hero", "The Thief", "The Cop" and "The Soldier". He was known for his action-oriented and adventurous roles, as well as his strong and confident personality.

The show also featured other actors who played supporting roles, such as Nizam Ergüden, Ata Saka, Çetin Basaran, Dilber Ay and Perizat. They played various characters who were related to or interacted with the main trio, such as their families, friends, enemies or lovers.

How to download and watch Tornavida for free online?

If you are interested in watching this classic Turkish drama series, you might be wondering how to find it online. Unfortunately, the show is not available on any official streaming platforms or websites. However, there is a way to download and watch it for free online.

The file name Derya Sonay Cesur is a compressed file that contains all 12 episodes of Tornavida in AVI format. The file size is about 1 GB, which means you need enough space on your device to store it. The file can be found on various file-sharing websites or forums that host Turkish media content. You can use any search engine to look for it online.

Once you find the file, you need to download it to your device using any download manager or software. You also need to have a program that can extract ZIP files on your device. After extracting the file, you will see 12 AVI files with different names corresponding to each episode title. You can use any media player that supports AVI format to watch them on your device.

Alternatively, you can also use an online converter tool that can convert AVI files to MP4 files or other formats that are compatible with your device or streaming platform. You can then upload or stream them online using any website or app that allows you to do so.

What are the benefits of watching Tornavida?

Watching Tornavida can be a rewarding and enjoyable experience for many reasons. Here are some of the benefits of watching this show:

  • You can learn more about the history and culture of Turkey in the 1970s, as well as the social and economic issues that affected the people at that time.

  • You can appreciate the artistic and cinematic quality of the show, as well as the talent and skill of the cast and crew who made it.

  • You can relate to the characters and their stories, as they deal with universal themes such as friendship, love, family, work, happiness and more.

  • You can have fun and entertainment, as the show offers a variety of genres and emotions, such as drama, comedy, romance and action.

  • You can discover a rare and classic gem of Turkish television, that is not widely available or known to many people.

How to share your thoughts and opinions about Tornavida?

If you watch Tornavida and you want to share your thoughts and opinions about it with other people, you have several options to do so. Here are some of them:

  • You can write a review or a comment on any website or platform that allows you to do so, such as IMDb, Sway, Enjin or any other forum or blog that hosts Turkish media content.

  • You can use social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or YouTube to post your feedback or reactions about the show, using hashtags such as #Tornavida, #DeryaSonayCesurBarut or #TurkishDrama.

  • You can join online communities or groups that are dedicated to Turkish drama series or Tornavida in particular, where you can interact with other fans and enthusiasts of the show.

  • You can create your own content or media related to the show, such as fan art, fan fiction, fan videos or fan podcasts, and share them online with other people who might be interested in them.

What are some of the challenges and controversies of Tornavida?

While Tornavida is a highly acclaimed and appreciated show by many people, it also faced some challenges and controversies during its production and release. Here are some of them:

  • The show was produced in a low budget and with limited resources, which affected the quality and quantity of the episodes. The show had to use a single set for most of the scenes, and it had to reuse some of the costumes and props. The show also had to cut some of the scenes or episodes due to time or money constraints.

  • The show was censored and banned by the Turkish authorities for its realistic and critical portrayal of the social and political issues of Turkey in the 1970s. The show depicted topics such as poverty, corruption, violence, oppression, injustice and more, which were considered to be sensitive or taboo by the government. The show also used some profane or vulgar language, which was deemed to be inappropriate or offensive by the censors.