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Places That Buy Silver Jewelry


Local consignment shops can help you sell silver jewelry and housewares for more than an instant buyback dealer. These stores can also help you sell unwanted clothing, sports equipment and other personal goods.

For jewelry that leans hard into streetwear, Ssense has pages upon pages of interesting pieces to sift through. The online retailer carries jewelry from brands like Ambush, Alexander McQueen, and Fendi, many of which feature unique designs like safety pin earrings and E-boy-approved chokers. Anyone looking to accessorize an outfit beyond typical gold, silver, or leather pieces will be in heaven at Ssense.

Our company offers a fair and friendly outlet for anyone selling any type of precious metal in the Baton Rouge area. As a buyer of new or used gold, platinum and silver jewelry, coins and flatware, we will purchase precious metals in any form. Our store also offers buyers a wide variety of jewelry and is a dealer in platinum, gold or silver coins and bullion. Selling gold, silver and platinum is a lucrative venture for many of our Baton Rouge clients, and with historic high prices in precious metals now may be the best time in history to cash in your unwanted metals. We also offer services in brokering or buying estates antiques.

Silver is one of the most desirable precious metals on Earth, so it's not at all surprising that silver is frequently used to make beautiful and valuable decorative objects. If you own silver in the form of jewelry, home decor, sterling silverware, or other items around the house, you might be surprised to learn that selling your silver can be a great way to earn extra cash.

One of the interesting attributes of silver is that we can accumulate it in our possession without really being aware of it. In your home, there may be several sources of silver. If you are a collector, for example, you may have silver coins in your possession. These items may be worth quite a lot on the open market, with a value that rises and falls according to the current market price of silver, but also depends on the manufacturing and artistry that went into making the item itself. As another example, if you have antiques made from silver, they might be more valuable that the price of silver would lead to believe because of the item's unique history and significance.

If you want to realize the maximum returns from the sale of your silver coins, silver bars or other silver items, it is essential that you do business with silver buyers that are highly reputable and nationally recognized. In other words, don't jump into doing business the coin shop down the street just because they're close! Do some research on the web and use ensure that you are dealing with a company that has a respectable reputation and a good track record.

Santa Fe has a unique culture that blends Native American with Hispanic traditions, which is reflected in the jewelry masterpieces created and sold here. The most unique place to shop for jewelry in this artsy small city is downtown at the Plaza of the Governors. This is part of a government program that brings in authorized vendors from pueblos throughout New Mexico to sell their jewelry and other crafts. Not only can you find amazing turquoise jewelry here, but also nearby booths with brightly colored blankets, western wear, pottery, and artwork.

Believe it or not, your sterling silver flatware, silverware, tea sets, and sterling silver jewelry holds value too! Many people come into our local pawn shop with their gold and diamond jewelry, but all too often, our customers are surprised to learn that they can get cash for their silver flatware and jewelry as well.

Selling your silver items for cash can be a simple choice for anyone who needs money quickly or simply wants to de-clutter their jewelry box. However, there is another option. At The Jewelers & Loan Co., you can secure a pawn-loan or borrow against your items and have the option of returning to your items later after you pay off your


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