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Where Do You Buy Suspenders

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As soon as your order is placed, we immediately have it processed and your suspenders are expected to arrive within 5 to 7 days. Shipping is FREE for continental US customers. In a hurry We can get your suspenders to you quickly with two-day shipping and overnight rates available. Even international customers can enjoy JJ Suspenders with a $15 shipping charge.

In this guide you'll find out how to incorporate suspenders into your wardrobe for everyday wear, and information on how to choose and wear suspenders to a wedding or formal event. Get the definitive word on how to look your very best while wearing suspenders.

Unlike most brands, Turnbull & Asser offer a rich selection of braces. For instance, their cotton and nylon dress suspenders can be worn with a tuxedo. Meanwhile, they also have a colourful selection made from wool boxcloth felt. Finally, their more luxury ranges are crafted from elegant and lightweight silk.

Another heritage Jermyn Street brand, Hawes & Curtis retail a wide selection of braces with a dizzying assortment of designs. If you fancy something a little fashionable an unique, they have a selection of floral printed suspenders.

Accessorize your outfit with the perfect belt to give your look that extra touch. At Target, you can pick belts with the latest trends for men and women. Select from leather belts, woven, embossed, perforated, reversible, suede finished belts and much more to accentuate your jeans or pant suits. Belts are a lot more than functional these days and are very stylish, with their own niche in fashion. Try a studded leather belt to add a trendy twist to your jean outfit or a nice buckle belt to elevate your everyday pantsuit. Experiment with belts in different sizes for your outfits and accessories to give you the look you want. Black leather, bridle, suspenders, and so much more for men to choose from. And if want to add zing to your pantsuit with animal prints, you can pick from a vast selection of complementing dress belts so that your look is chic with style.

Mixing patterns is a very contemporary style practice. You can certainly mix patterned suspenders with a printed shirt, but be wary of clashing too much. Mix finer prints with broader patterns, and try to find some continuity in color.

Suspenders date back as far as 18th century France, where strips of ribbon were attached to buttonholes of trousers for one reason or another. Back then, suspenders were considered undergarments and were not meant to be seen in public.

Fast forward to the early 20th century, where a switch in favor of lower-sitting, lower-rise trousers meant that suspenders were no longer needed. The trend faded into the background, and throughout the 1920s suspenders became a sort of medical aid that doctors would prescribe for better posture and a slimmer gut. Suspenders continued to be considered undergarments until the late 1930s and early 1940s.

There are some materials common to suspenders, and they do vary in durability and formality. Common materials include nylon, polyester, cotton, silk, and wool. When wearing suspenders with a suit or tuxedo, the best material is silk.

Pairing jeans and suspenders is a leap, but for guys that feel so compelled, we (and these suspenders) will support you. These 100 percent polyester suspenders from Dockers are about as casual as they come, with clip-on attachment and a 1.5-inch width.

Albert Thurston is one of the top names when it comes to suspenders. These black moire suspenders are a prime example of the quality they produce. The moire fabric gives the straps a woodgrain look that really stands out against a classic white dress shirt.

These 1.5-inch silk finished, patterned elastic suspenders will keep you comfortable all day while also keeping your trousers in place. The diamond pattern is classic but still fun, and the medium brown leather ends are easy to match with a pair of brown oxfords or dress boots.

Finding a great pair of leather suspenders can be real


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