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Braced firmly on the footboard, poised carefullyand with just the right tension on the reins, thedriver scanned the trail before him, avoiding as besthe could the rocks and deep ruts, and watchingalertly for a stumble. His sombrero had desertedhim and his long brown hair snapped behind himin the wind. Bill was frightened, but not for himself73alone. With all his bravado he was built ofgood timber, and his one thought was for thewomen under his care. He unconsciously prayedthat they might not be brought face to face with therealization of what menaced them; that they wouldnot learn why the coach lurched so terribly; thatthe trunk which obstructed the back window of thecoach would not shift and give them a sight of thedanger. Oh, that the running gear held! Thatthe king-bolt, new, thank God, proved the wordsof the boasting blacksmith to be true! He sooncame to the beginning of a three-hundred-yardstretch of perfect road and he hazarded a quickbackward glance. Instantly his eyes were to thefront again, but his brain retained the picture hehad seen, retained it perfectly and in wonderfulclearness. He saw that the Apaches were no longera mile away, but that they had gained upon him avery little, so very little that only an eye accustomedto gauging changing distances could have noticedthe difference. And he also saw that the groupwas no longer compact, but that it was alreadyspreading out into the dreaded, deadly crescent, acrescent with the best horses at the horns, whichwould endeavor to sweep forward and past the74coach, drawing closer together until the circle wascomplete, with the stage as the center.

Download Sombrero Net Bill Full Cracked

That afternoon, as she filled her olla at the spring, a youngMexican came riding by in brave attire of braided jacket and trousersand silver trimmed sombrero. She knew him well. Indeed, she had oftenbantered back his compliments and adroitly turned to merriment thesweet speeches he would rather have had her take in earnest. Hestopped and gave her the letter, which he had brought all the way fromthe post-office at Muletown solely for excuse to see her. She poisedthe olla full of water upon her head and he walked up the hill tothe house by her side, and while he talked to her mother she slippedstealthily out and hid in the jacal beside the burro for a chance toread the letter. When she returned she showed so plainly that hiscompliments and sweet speeches were distasteful to her that he sulkily[Pg 304]left the house and galloped home again. Then her mother reproved her,telling her that she must not discourage the young man, because he wasplainly in earnest in his attentions and would make the best andrichest husband of all the young caballeros who came to the house,and that when next she saw him she must make amends for her unkindtreatment. Amada listened with terror and rebellion in her heart; andin her brain there sprang into life the purpose which she set out toexecute as soon as her father and mother were asleep.


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